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Sash Windows

Our Rehau Heritage uPVC sash windows are the epitome of period style, having been designed to replicate as much as possible their timber counterparts.

The aim is to maintain the character of the house which would be lost by the use of conventional PVC windows, such as casements or tilt and turns. 

These windows are expertly engineered and of superior quality, adding value and style to your home without compromising on performance. The system has been developed after consulting with conservation bodies, making it the most authentic-looking uPVC sash window on the market in the UK.


REHAUHeritage windows

The REHAUHeritage windows feature classic-style hardware and fittings, with the option of decorative horns, to achieve a traditional timber sash window look. The system also includes attention to detail such as deep bottom rail and optional Georgian bars to create an elegant finish.


There are very good reasons to opt for PVC rather than timber when the original sash windows need replaced:



PVC windows are more durable and long-lasting than timber windows. They do not rot, warp, or fade over time, and are resistant to water damage and insect infestations.


Low Maintenance

PVC windows require very little maintenance, as they do not need to be painted or stained. All they need is an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth.


Energy Efficiency

PVC windows can be more energy efficient than timber windows, as they have a better thermal performance and can help to reduce heat loss in your home.



PVC windows are generally less expensive than timber windows, so replacing your old timber windows with PVC windows can be a cost-effective option.


Noise Reduction

PVC windows can provide better sound insulation than timber windows, making them a good choice if you live in a noisy area or want to reduce noise pollution in your home.

Made in-house

Our sash windows are made in-house by our specialist fabricators, so if you want to visit us to see how these unique windows work, you can also see how they are made!

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