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They possess exceptional thermal properties and can attain high levels of energy efficiency. Additionally, with an expected lifespan of over 35 years and the ability to recycle all uPVC components at the end of their service, these windows and doors make a significant contribution to a dependable and sustainable future.

Furthermore, REHAU uPVC window and door systems require minimal maintenance, featuring a unique compound that results in a glossy finish, ensuring they will always maintain a polished appearance and will never warp, rot, or need repainting.


Casement windows (opening outwards) are the most widely used type of replacement window in the UK, known for their versatility and ability to enhance the appearance of any home. They come in various configurations, such as fixed panes, top-opening fanlights, and side-opening lights, which can be combined to create an array of styles.

Our Rehau casement windows come with the latest high-performance handles, hinges, and locking mechanisms for added safety and security.

Tilt and Turn

Rehau Tilt and turn uPVC windows are an elegant, modern, and functional alternative to traditional opening out windows, perfect for modern properties.

These windows offer simplicity and versatility, with the option of tilting inwards or fully opening inwards. This flexibility provides secure ventilation and easy cleaning from the inside, as well as making them the ideal solution for areas with limited space outside where outward opening can be hazardous. They also provide an effective fire escape option.


Our Rehau doors provide a variety of stylish options and are constructed to be long-lasting, combining robustness with an excellent finish. Entrance doors offer you a range of choices and versatility. Whether you are looking for a glazed door, a uPVC panel door, or a stable door, they can all be fitted with the latest high-performance handles, hinges, and locking mechanisms to ensure your uPVC door is safe and secure.

French Doors

Adding a French door to your home or conservatory can provide a charming and elegant touch. The wide opening allows for easy access to your home, as well as ample ventilation and a practical way to enter your garden or patio.

Our Rehau French door offers all the advantages of modern uPVC, such as noise reduction, low maintenance, safety, security, and energy efficiency. It is available in open-in and open-out styles, and with equal or non-equal split panes.

You can also customise the door to your preferences with additional features like decorative glass and Georgian bars.

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