Tilt & Turn Windows 70mm

A popular choice with all types of homes, tilt n turn windows have both side-hung and bottom-hung functionality. This style of window allows regular daily air ventilation when tilted inwards, and can be fully opened from the side for maximum airing.

The major benefit of fitting tilt and turns is the easy access for cleaning and maintenance, and the windows meet safety requirements for emergency exits.

Main features

  • Chamfered profiles using the REHAU TOTAL70C system.
  • The system offers extremely slim sight-lines and enhanced aesthetic appeal.
  • Inward opening for effective fire escape, easy cleaning and where restricted space outside makes outward opening hazardous.
  • Full range of supplementary profiles available to suit all installation requirements.
  • Complies with the requirements of the Building Regulations covering Conservation of Fuel and Power – Part L (England and Wales) and Part J (Scotland) when glazed using the correct type of sealed unit.
  • Sound insulation is dependent on glazing specification.
  • 16mm eurogroove ensures maximum choice of standard fittings, some of which include the tilt before turn option, as well as restrictors.
  • 4mm to 44mm glazing.
  • Internally glazed.


  • Available in classic PVC White, Rosewood, Golden Oak, Mahogany, Irish Oak, Simply White, Clotted Cream, Anthracite Grey and Black Brown as standard.
  • A further range of woodgrain and solid colour laminate options are available on special order.
  • Further colour options are available from the unique REHAU Acryl II colouring system, offering you a choice of 150 different RAL colours.
  • Galvanised steel reinforcement for sashes over 1100mm wide by 1100mm high.
  • Glazing depth can be extended to 44mm for triple glazing by using a special bead.
  • Dry glazing with glazing bead and gasket or a co-extruded glazing bead.


Tilt n Turn Profile

70mm Tilt n Turn

Rehau Total 70 Profile Guide

Profile Guide