GENEO® Passivhaus Certified Entrance Doors

The GENEO® entrance door system brings in all the essential aspects of energy efficiency, durability and design due to the integral high-tech material RAUFIPRO® created by Rehau.

With the Rehau GENEO® doors, the need for steel reinforcements is eliminated since the PVC door profiles are designed with high stability, torsional stiffness and static properties. Used the in the aircarft industry and Formula 1 vehicles, RAUFIPRO® has been developed based on fibre composites bringing high end technology to the windows industry.

Main features

  • Passivhaus certified
  • Depth: 86mm / 6-chamber-system
  • Warmth insulation up to Uf=0,76 W/m²K (with sash covering filling Up=0,317 W/m²K)
  • Great stability due to fibreglass forced profile heart RAUFIPRO®
  • Burglary resistant up to resistance class 2 without steel, highest insulation is guaranteed with optimum noise protection
  • Barrier-free ground sill according to DIN 18024, 18025 and 18040 with a height of 20mm
  • High Definition Finishing-surface (HDF): a premium, absolutely smooth surface ensuring very little maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly as the GENEO® system is recyclable
  • Perfect energy efficiency – with the GENEO® Windows & Doors system you are able to insulate your building envelope perfectly


  • High profile new buildings and low energy housing
  • Single-leaf doors opening inside, with side panel
  • Double-leaf doors opening inside, with skylights
  • Front door constructions in different varieties
  • Exclusive optional covered fittings for a perfect look and low maintenance, without interrupting fitting elements
  • Wide-ranging in design, thanks to colour options with foil finishes or aluminum-facing formwork
  • Almost limitless design with different door panels with glazing rebate up to 53mm


Rehau Geneo Entrance Doors

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