GENEO® Window System

Quality Trade Windows Group now manufacture the Rehau GENEO® window system, the most thermally efficient window on the market. Developed to achieve the lowest u value possible, it’s so energy efficient that it meets Passivhaus Standards for both windows and doors with an achievable overall u value of just 0.67 W/m²K – that’s overall, not just the glass.

Made from high-tech RAU-FIPRO® material, the GENEO® system delivers exceptional energy performance. This doesn’t just increase energy efficiency, but improves break-in protection and achieves previously unattained sound insulation levels.

The fully self-reinforced profile design requires no steel, so eliminating thermal bridges. RAU¬-FIPRO® provides the best stability and resistance as well as having static characteristics which have not been possible until now without a steel reinforcement. Technology developed for the aircraft and Formula 1 industry, the RAU¬-FIPRO® composite is being used for the first time in the construction of windows. Based on fibre composites used in planes and race cars, the RAU-FIPRO core is manufactured using recycled polymer content and then co-extruded with a high quality PVC outer layer. It is the ultimate premier window in every way from REHAU, the market leading supplier of uPVC window solutions.

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